Cooper Herefords

The Cooper Hereford Ranch

At home under the Big Sky!

Our ranch sits nestled amidst the mountainous foothills of southwestern Montana, near where the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers converge to form the headwaters of the mighty Missouri river.

One hundred years of hard work and good management have helped transform the original 480 acre homestead into a fertile 4,500 acre ranch. We harvest hay and grain on 1,800 acres of farmland with the remaining acreage serving as home to over 200 registered Line One Hereford cattle and 120 head of commercial cattle.

We purchased our first Line One foundation stock in 1947. In the seventy years since then, we have worked hard to improve our herd for our customers. We strive to produce solid, fundamental cattle that will work well in any environment, registered or commercial.

The History of Cooper Herefords

Recorded as the Silver Brook Farm by the County Clerk on November 28, 1914, the original homestead of 480 acres was settled by Frank Oscar Cooper. He raised farm animals and harvested a large garden before losing the land during the Great Depression…Read More

Recent Happenings

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