2013 Sale a big success!!

Thanks for setting time aside from your
busy schedules to participate in our 47th production sale. It takes a motivated group of buyers seated in our barn, tuned in via LiveAuctions, and bidding over the phone lines to make our business successful and we can’t thank you enough for continuing to invest in our program. We were blessed with good weather, and a great crowd.

It takes a year’s worth of grueling work days and many sleepless nights to put together a sale. We are so thankful for the help we receive from our friends and neighbors on sale day. And so blessed to have a loyal group of repeat buyers who believe in our program. Thanks also to all new buyers who participated in the sale this year. It seems as though cattlemen are slowly catching on to the benefits of cross-breeding and taking steps to introduce Hereford genetics into their commercial herds. Needless to say, we think many good years are ahead of us in the Hereford breed.

Thanks again for your business and your support!

109 Lots: $8,546
74 Yearling Bulls: $8446
20 Yearling Heifers: $9,175
5 Bred Cows: $15,400
10 Recips: $4,600


2013 Sale a big success!!

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