Bulls are looking good!!

2015 Bulls!














I know many of you are awaiting the arrival of your 2015 Sale Catalog. They were sent from Billings on February 12th. However, it appears there was a lack of communication between our printer’s production manager and the postal service, and all catalogs were mailed standard mail (vs) 1st class. Most catalogs should be delivered this week by Wednesday (February 25th). If you still have not received yours please contact us directly. Thank you!

We filmed ALL sale lots on February 5th and at least half of those animals can be view on our website. Unfortunately videos on all sale heifers and about 1/2 the bulls were misplaced. As a result we videoed the missing lots yesterday (February 23rd). We hope to have those files edited and uploaded later today or tomorrow. We know many of you are anxious and wanting to review prospective purchases and we apologize for the delay. Please continue to check back for updates!

EPDs for CL1 Dominette 310A and CL1 Dominette 3170A are incorrect in the catalog.
Please click on the following links to view their correct data via AHA. Thanks!

CL1 Dominette 310A
CL1 Dominette 3170A

Bulls are looking good!!

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