The Baldie…

Photo courtesy of Hereford World

Making Gains 
The advantages of crossbreeding are well documented and if properly planned and implemented, can impact a producer’s net return in a big way. Research has shown that crossbred cows can result in a 6% higher calving rate, 4% higher calf survival rate, 8% increase in efficiency, 38% increase in longevity, and a 25% increase in lifetime productivity. Optimal use of crossbreeding requires careful selection of breeds that compliment each other and then careful selection of parents within those respective breeds.

The herd sires at Cooper Hereford Ranch are the result of over 70 years of line breeding and trait selection. Maintaining the Line One genetic pool has enabled us to increase the uniformity of our herd and to provide our customers each year with a pool o f 80-90 yearling bulls that vary little in structure and type from top to bottom. We maintain an approximate 25% in-breeding coefficient which enables us to quickly capitalize on the traits desired by our customers and the beef industry at large. In fact, the heterosis gained from crossbreeding a Cooper Line 1 bull to an unrelated hereford is close to that of crossbreeding between breeds When you buy a Cooper bull you’ll not only gain the benefits demonstrated by the Hereford breed but also those gained from Line 1 genetics. 

What can horned Herefords do for you? 

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The Results are in… Herefords are indeed making Black better!
400 Angus-based cows were randomly mated to 10 Hereford and 10 Angus bulls. Here’s how the numbers read:

  • ADG in the feedlot favored the Hereford-sired calves in two of the three years.
  • Cost of gain had a marked advantage for Hereford-sired calves in comparison to the predominantly straightbred Angus.
  • Economic performance favored Hereford-sired calves in the feedlot in two of the three years, with an average return of approx. $30 per head.
  • Overall net return for the Hereford-sired calves was approx. $30 per head, this does not include the maternal advantages of the baldie female.
  • Pregnancy rates for Hereford-sired females (black baldies) averaged 7% higher than those of the Angus-sired heifers.