May: Green grass and big blue skies

Ahhh…. May. You’ve finally arrived. It seems as though we Montanan’s have been longing for your return ever since you left us a year ago. Green grass is beginning to pop up all across the hills and big billowy clouds layer the blue sky on most days.  Breeding and seeding is behind us and the number of cows we are feeding hay to each morning is gradually decreasing. Last week we were busy moving the majority of our pairs out to dryland pasture. Which means we were busy servicing wells and stringing out electric fence lines to aid  with our grazing and pasture management. Seems, as usual, there is no shortage of work this time of year so we are thankful for the lengthening of days. We seem to have no problem filling the hours of daylight.  After all, the pivots need serviced, ditches burned, crops fertilized, lawns clipped, fences mended, etc., etc. None of which we mind doing, so long as Mr. Sunshine sheds his rays upon our face. Hope you are all enjoying spring as much as the crew at our ranch. 

the men
Leroy and Dad discussing breeding groups on a crisp spring morning















Dave and the crew from Hollow Top Ranch, burning ditch through the canyon.

May: Green grass and big blue skies

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