Pick of the 2010 Heifer Calf Crop

We’re changing it up a bit this year folks. In addition to the 16 heifers up for sale, you’ll have the chance to bid on a pick from our 2010 heifer calf crop. Choose from over 70 top quality replacement heifers that collectively averaged the following EPDs:  BW(2.8)  WW(51)  YW(82)  Milk(27)  M&G(52)  REA(0.21)  MARB(0.13)

Check back soon to view videos. In the mean time, here’s a little eye candy for all y’all…

Pictured Below:
CL1 Dominette 0152X

Sire:  CL1 Domino 860U  Dam:  CL1 Dominette 475P
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Pick of the 2010 Heifer Calf Crop

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